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Programme features


There will be keynote lectures by invited speakers. These will cover a broad range of topics, including proteomics, transcriptomics, bioimaging and the use of omics technologies in cell biology. 


These lectures will be given by experts in the different parts of the Human Protein Atlas, including the Tissue Atlas, the Cell Atlas, the Pathology Atlas, the Blood Atlas, the Brain Atlas, and the Metabolic Atlas. The Microbiome Atlas will also be covered. In addition, there will be tutorials on antibody validation, systems biology and normalization of omics data.


Four afternoons will be devoted to workshops where participants will annotate genes/proteins. Each participant will be responsible for a separate part of a human chromosome and he/she will take part in an annotation effort with the aim to go through all experimental evidence of the respective protein and to evaluate the quality of the underlying data to score the evidence for protein profiles and functionality.
For detailed descriptions, see: Workshops – details


Each student is required to present a poster during the course!
Poster layout should not exceed 100 cm (width) × 140 cm (length)

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